Modeling to Farming Ostrich Oil!


Lil Marie Beauty is an all natural beauty care line inspired by nature and ostriches. Farming birds and beauty became united. Turns out farmers and physicians alike agree that ostrich oil has a treasure trove of health benefits. People eat the meat as a healthier alternative of red meat so why not use the oil for a healthier topical product? Ostrich oil has a super high concentration of Omega 3,6,9. Our skin needs those essential fatty acids for cell growth, division, and recovery. Since our body doesn't produce these naturally. It's vital we incorporate them into our diets. Combining wisdom of the ancients with modern products was the foundation for creating Lil Marie Beauty. The line is named after my daughter. I wanted a product that other parents could trust to use on their own family. The goal was to simplify and clean up your daily self-care products with non-toxic alternatives.

 All of the products are infused with Ostrich Oil. Using an oil that has been proven beneficial, time and time again has helped to create a simple, affordable, beauty care line that is customized to meet your unique needs that will leave your complexion looking smooth, youthful, and healthy. Our products are all natural. They contain zero chemicals, fillers, toxins, or parabens. However, please check with your physician before use. Some essential oils can interact with certain medications. The line is gender neutral and works great on any age and skin type. Some say ostrich oil is liquid gold. Why Ostrich Oil is “liquid gold”? It’s an effective anti-inflammatory. Anti-fungal, Ant-bacterial, and noncomedogenic oil (won’t clog your pores). It’s highly moisturizing. Which is crucial for combating fine lines. It has been demonstrated to benefit uncountable conditions such as: Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Age Spots, Dermatitis, Arthritis, Shingles, Razor Burn, Diaper Rash, Sunburns, Insect bites, Rosacea, and cracked skin.

 Rachel Kwasniak - Founder of Lil Marie Beauty

Rachel is a former, retired promotional model. A mother of three children. Having spent the last 10 years representing some of America's top beauty and skincare companies afforded her the luxury of experience. Although the companies she represented had amazing products. They just didn't align with her idea of a pure, healthy, simple skincare/beauty regime.

In the midst of those years, she became a spokesmodel for a local ostrich farmer. However being "the face" for that farmer and his farm wasn't enough. She spent equal amounts of time performing farm chores. Yes, shoveling poo was on that list! She made it her mission to be involved with every aspect of raising the ostriches. During this time period, she started creating her own skincare products with the oil from the ostriches. Realizing just how much potential and how effective these creations were, she then decided it was time to bring the farm into everyone's home. Her passion for nature, the years of beauty experience, the pet peeve of having to use several different (expensive, chemical filled) products to achieve a desired result, and the name of her daughter were the recipe for Lil Marie Beauty.

Her being directly involved in the raising of the ostriches allows the consumer to rest assured that they are receiving top quality oil from hormone and antibiotic free birds.